What We Do

Movement Madness is the Denver, Colorado-based after-school, summer and pre-school health and fitness enrichment program that provides students with an hour of fun, physical fitness and activity in a non-competitive environment. The children’s fitness program, run by mom and former teacher Jenny Cargile, encourages kids to get their bodies moving and to learn and improve basic sports skills, exercise for children, team building and good sportsmanship – while having fun!

In an hour-long class, our instructors provide your child with:

  • encouragement to build their self esteem,
  • movement to help get/keep them healthy,
  • games to teach sports skills and sportsmanship, and
  • fun and laughter with new and old friends to help develop their social and emotional well being.


At Movement Madness, we believe and strive for the complete development of the children that participate in our classes.  Children that are physically fit are also mentally, emotionally and socially fit.  Studies show that fit kids do better in school, have an easier time making friends and have the self-confidence to try new things and take risks.  Isn’t this something we all want for our children?  Contact us to see about signing your child(ren) up for a class!


Hour-long classes are offered immediately following the school day at numerous K-8 schools during the fall/winter and winter/spring semesters. Additional classes are offered for pre-school children and during summer breaks . Schools and registration information.


We want to come to your school too. Call us or your school administrator and ask for Movement Madness!