Project Description

Thursdays 3-4:15
Meet in the gym after school
Thursday Class  March 6th– May 22nd  (11 classes / $155.00)

**Discount applied for 2 or more children  (same family).  Payment plans available. $10 discount for all payments made by check or cash. Please email me if you have more than 2 kids to get discount family price. Forms can be emailed and payment can be made here via pay pal. (Forms and payments may also be turned into school office or mailed to 373 South Humboldt St .  Denver, 80209)

Like adults, kids need to get exercise… they need to put down the electronics turn off the tv and get their bodies moving for a minimum of 60 minutes a day. Movement of the body helps kids physically as well as helping their emotional, cognitive and social development. We all know the phrase ‘a healthy body equals a healthy mind’ .

We at Movement Madness are here for the development of the whole child. Through a 1 hour class we provide your child with the needed 60 minutes of vigorous exercise, help develop and improve sport skills, build their self confidence by providing constant praise and a positive social environment where they feel good about themselves, build friendships and learn to be a team player.

Class begins with a few minutes of free play to get moving and then moves right into a 15-20 minute cardio game to get heart rates up. Next we move into a specific skill relay / drill where we are learning/practicing a specific sport/fitness skill. We end class with a fun game/relay where all kids are moving , working as team or individual self, practicing skills we have learned and most important having fun while exercising.

Throughout the class the instructors are throwing sport , health and diet trival questions in the mix with the correct answer getting to do a victory lap while others cheer them on. Facts on health and fitness are told to the kids at the beginning and end of class to inform them of the importance of staying healthy and fit.